To ensure consistency across all Brand Galaxy materials, this guide has been created to make access to essential assets easier and smoother.

Simply download assets as needed for use across Brand Galaxy communications.

core elements

Logo | Fonts | Colour Palette | Image treatment and graphics | Tone of Voice

Our logo

The Brand Galaxy logo is the most concise visual expression of our identity and is an essential asset. 

It sets the tone for our identity and the following guidelines will help to ensure it’s used carefully and correctly. The Brand Galaxy logo may displayed in either our shade of almost-black or white.

Logo file downloads


To ensure consistency throughout the application of Brand Galaxy, use the typeface Work Sans.

Where practical, this font should be used at appropriate sizes for clear communication. We use Work Sans Light for all of our typography, for subheadings use Work Sans Light in uppercase.

Aa Bb Cc

colour palette

The Brand Galaxy colour palette is pure and simple, to allow brands and businesses to be the star of the show.

Stay within these colours. Tints are allowed where they are seen fit.

Almost Black
C: 75 M: 65 Y: 60 K: 90
R: 18 G: 17 B: 16

Solid White
C: 0 M:0 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

Image Treatment and Graphics

For the continuation of consistency across all of our media, our imagery and graphics are some of the most crucial elements.

Within our logo, the lines are angled at 51.3​° degrees. Use this angle to cut images and for any other lines needed for graphic use. See below for examples of image treatment. Images can only be cut on the top left edge and the bottom right edge, do not flip the angle.

image cut examples

This is an example of how how an image may be trimmed when displayed across a page.

This is an example of how how an image may be trimmed across one edge. This can work for either edge as long as they are are the consistent degree angle.

This is an example of how how an image may be trimmed across both edges. 

tone of voice

There’s no need to overcomplicate things. The Brand Galaxy voice should be clean, clear and easy to understand.

Don’t be too casual, but there’s no need to be too formal either. Simple and sweet.